The following are areas which RLC Funding considers to be ‘totally restricted’ or ‘partially-restricted’ for various reasons.

Restricted Equipment

For reasons ranging from liability concerns to challenges associated with equipment delivery and installation, certain types of equipment are considered to be either totally or partially restricted by RLC.  ‘Totally restricted’ equipment includes titled vehicles, tanning beds, car wash equipment, inventory and spray booths.  ‘Partially restricted’ equipment types may require special underwriting criteria or specific forms of documentation.

Restricted Industries

Totally restricted industries not considered by RLC include agriculture, real estate, chiropractors and trucking, among others.  Restaurants are partially restricted and must qualify under a separate set of guidelines.

Geographic Restrictions

RLC is generally able to consider equipment financing requests in the contiguous 48 states but certain states are restricted in terms of rates, purchase options, or documentation requirements.

Corp Only Restriction

RLC generally requires the personal guaranties of the borrowing company’s owners, particularly when the business is closely-held.  For larger, financially sound companies with at least 10 years in business and where ownership is more diversified, RLC may consider the loan without a guarantor as an exception.


RLC is generally able to consider prefunding of approved vendors up to 50% of the cost of the equipment.

Additional information regarding restrictions is available by contacting RLC’s Marketing Department at

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